Writing poetry since 1970s, Tarık Özcan’s first poetry book İkindi Işığı gained him the identity of poet beside being an academic. His academic occupation enabled him to create a culture backing his poetry. His major breakthrough was with his poetry book Kördüğüm consisting of second period poems he wrote by taking the advantages of modern language and techniques without breaking away with the tradition. In his poetry it can be observed that he mostly focuses on the individual while still in some other poems it can be seen that he is not indifferent to the society he is living in. The style he created with the book Kördüğüm is brought to perfection in Asyalı Hüzün. Moving towards changes in his poetry, the poet proceeds with the themes such as melancholy, love, woman, and nature. In this study, by taking Özcan’s life as a starting point, his World of Feeling will be sought.


Poetry, Tarık Özcan, melancholy, love, woman, time, death, nature.

Author : Sema Oruç
Number of pages: 339-353
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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