There are different types of analysis and analysis methods used in researches. Some of these analysis and analysis techniques are developed in the perspective of semiotics, ideology, psychoanalysis, feminism, persuasion and discourse. In addition, both quantitative and quantitative research methods are widely used in analysis and analysis methods. The analysis and analysis methods in which qualitative and quantitative research is concentrated are used in the analysis of data of different fields such as cinema, social media, press and advertising. This work has been influenced in the film industry and has been prepared for the study of Get Out which has been awarded the 2017 best screenplay award. In this context, Get Out film is analyzed with different types of analysis and analysis methods. The Get Out film, which is the subject of the research, is evaluated by semiotics and language, ideology, psychoanalytic, feminist, persuasion, rhetoric, content, discourse analysis and methods. Within the film, it is explained by taking the squares and discourse according to the research analysis headings. In these scenes, how the codes and themes are presented are presented as tables.


Get Out, Semiotics, Ideology, Psychoanalytic, Feminism, Persuasion, Discourse.

Author : Onur TOS - Zülfiye ACAR ŞENTÜRK
Number of pages: 627-645
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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