Jakobson, Peirce and Gestalt Approach Triangle An Essay On The Communicative Aspect Of Music

In this study, it is thought that the theory of communication and language functions,the communication theory, Peirce's taxonomy which makes tripartite definitions of indicators and integrative gestalt theory dealing with the laws of perception, have an effect on the communicative aspect of music. Regarding indicators; examples of how the concepts of icon, index and symbol are interpreted according to Peirce's theory. Pairings in the context of music were tried to be clarified. Intellectual experiments have been conducted on how the concept of the indicator can be classified and discriminated according to the music object. Lastly, the Gestalt approach, which incorporates important principles in terms of visual perception, has been discussed in the context of music and generalizations have been tried to be determined about what kind of interpretation should be made. The relationship between these three theories, which are in the focus of interest, on communication and meaning, is tried to be determined and the question of how the communication can be positioned from a musical point of view is discussed. As a result, it was found that these three theories emphasized the concept of context in music and communication. In this study, it is clearly seen that the concept of context gains importance as a condition for determining the whole communicative aspect of music.


Semiology, Music, Communication.

Author : Erkan SARAL
Number of pages: 533-546
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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