The correct understanding and application of flute holding and flute posture positions in the flute education, especially at the beginner level, is one of the important issues affecting success in the flute education process. The basic of a correct technique in flute education rests on a comfortable holding position by balancing the flutecorrectly. Playing with the correct position is very important in terms of breath control and thus produces the best possible tone. Also, correct holding positions are important in protecting against possible bodily injuries. The holding and posture positions in the flute education are mostly describes in the beginner methods. However, a great majority of the beginner methods are written on a foreign language. Working with a method written on a foreign language can block the necessary information. For this reason, when the teacher is not present, the student should be able to access the right information in the method he / she works in, and be able to learn how to study by reading and seeing it. From this point of view, it is aimed to teach the flute holding and flute holding positions in the flute education with the theoretical knowledge and visually detailed way in this study to give correct behavior to the students and thus to provide a source and guidance for the students. For this purpose, the literature was searched by examining the domestic and foreign sources related to the subject. The findings are presented in terms of flute holding and flute posture positions.


Flute edcation, flute holding, flute posture

Author : Gülten CÜCEOĞLU ÖNDER - Esma GANIK
Number of pages: 73-88
Full text:
The Journal of Social Sciences
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